There were further finds of coins, pottery and lead weights from the medieval period. The coins date from the 13th century. Most of the pottery is 13th / 14th century glazed Leinster cooking ware. The Rathdown Hoard, comprising over 500 sixpences and shillings, mainly of Elizabeth 1st, is the largest 16th / 17th century hoard found outside of Ulster, and suggests that Rathdown was a place of considerable importance. The Hoard includes 2 Ferdinand and Isabella Spanish reales (1469-1504), indicative of overseas trading. The other coins date from 1553 (Queen Mary) to 1607 (James 1st).


Smal, Chris (1993) Ancient Rathdown and St. Crispin’s Cell, A uniquely historic landscape. Friends of Historic Rathdown, Greystones.

Coin, silver sixpence, Elizabeth I, Rathdown Upper, Co. Wicklow, 1995:696
Courtesy of National Museum of Ireland
Lead weight, Rathdown.
Courtesy of National Museum of Ireland
Lead weight from Rathdown, medieval period, trapezoidal / cone-shaped
Courtesy of National Museum of Ireland
Medieval pottery rim shard, ceramic, unglazed from Rathdown, hand-built, possibly Leinster Cooking ware.
Courtesy of National Museum of Ireland

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